Gyant Giveaway: TI/Atlantic Records Laptop Contest Winner Selected!



The Gyantunplugged, Atlantic Record, TI contest has been done since last week. With so many submissions it was truly difficult to select a winner. Each easy was thought provoking and well written. But we had to make a decision.

And the winner is…..

Name: Ralph Adje

Age: 14

Hi. My name is Ralph and I’m a young male living in the hood. I feel that constantly I’m being pressured by my friends to do illegal things such as; smoking, drinking, and beating up innocent people. But if say “No” to them they call me names, or maybe try to beat me up. But I always manage a way to escape.

T.I is one of my role models. I heard about some illegal activities he’s been doing, and the consequences he had to suffer. I sometimes wonder if I follow my friends I may suffer same consequence or even greater. I’m a good student it’s just that peer pressure can change me into something else. It is so hard to remain on the straight path because the environment I’m in and my friends.

I’m a person who would one day become a rapper or computer software engineer. I am currently planning to release my mixtape. If I don’t make it big, I have a back up plan of being an engineer. If I win this laptop it will keep me busy from the streets, and help make one of my dreams come true. I will try my best to stay on the straight and narrow path unlike T.I (no offense).Thank you for reading my essay.

Congratulations Ralph!

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