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Non-Wretched Whore Scoop: Nia Long Confirms Baby’s Father (And It’s NOT Johnta Austin)!

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

You all have been gossiping about Nia Long’s recent announcement she’s preggers before the ink could dry on the printed press release. In the past two days I’ve heard three names thrown around — one of them was songwriting sensation Johnta Austin, thanks to MTO, which I knew couldn’t have been a reality.

Well it seems Nia isn’t going going to allow us to still her shine with insipid whispers so she’s taking her paternity matters to the lovely folks over at People Magazine. For the record, this is one of those stories that I could give two sh*ts about because no bit of information on this issue is going to affect my life either way.  But I understand the grind so here you go.


“This is the most exciting time in our lives,” Long and Udoka tell PEOPLE in a statement. “Words can’t explain how thrilled we are by the new addition to our family. We feel truly blessed and appreciate all the well wishes and prayers.”

Ime Udoka has previously played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings and San Antonio Spurs.

Long is already mom to son Massai, 10, from a previous relationship, while this will be Udoka’s first child.

The couple was first spotted together in January of this year after the Golden Globes

Are we good now. Can we let Long live? Good. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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Plug Into The Scene: Salt N Pepa, Ashanti & Wendy Willaims Are Unbeweaveable @ NYC “Good Hair” Premiere!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Last night, Cinema Society & Target Host A Screening Of “Good Hair” took place at the IFC Center in New York City, NY. And my God; The hair styles hitting the red carpet are unbeweaveable.

Ashanti still trying hard to be garner attention.

Sigh… [and NOT in a good way]

Salt n Pepa

TV Personality Wendy Williams

Update: Chris Rock just got hit with a 5 million dollar lawsuit from a woman who claims that CR stole her idea. Awww shit.

Prop Pics:

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TV Scoop: Chris Rock Roots Oprah On Live TV + NIa Long Talks Hair Weaves W/ Chelsea Lately, “Is He Weave Worthy??”

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Mood: Journalistic

Thanks to the horrible parking attendants at that damn Atlantic Station, I missed the original taping of Chris Rock rooting Oprah’s scalp on live television yesterday.

It seems that Momma O has grown tired of the implications that her hair belongs to some pony on one of her sprawling estates. And picked Chris’ new movie “Good Hair” to put the rumors to rest by letting the comedian run his fingers through her silky mane. Rock is on a promo tour for his new documentary, “Good Hair”, which is blowing the myths and mysteries surrounding black women and their damn hair.

Now If you don’t know what sista’s have to go through to keep their hair looking right, then you are most certainly clueless. was given the opportunity to attend the Atlanta premiere - and I give it two thumbs up as the film to watch.

Check out Momma O’s response when CR tries to joke that she’s got some extra pieces up there. She wasn’t amused just check the body language.

And coincidentally, check out actress Nia Long going at Chelsea Lately on her late night talk show after the talk show host tried to diss sistas, unintentionally I might add, on the sly.


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Party Plug: Lexus Features Presents Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Picture 33

Funny man Chris Rock is coming to Atlanta tomorrow to promote his new documentary, “Good Hair”.  And thanks to the people over at Lexus, a private screening of the film will be open to a select few. Y’all already know that I’m gonna be up in the building.

Let’s hope I can get CR on camera for an interview.

Check out the synopsis of this critically acclaimed film as well as the trailer.


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I.D.C.B.I.K.Y.D.: Sarah Stokes Gets Chris Browned, Nia Long Takes It Off & More

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


Former “The Band” member Sarah Stokes, who nobody has been talking about for years might I add, is about to get a surge publicity now that she’s gone off and stabbed her husband.

The washed up – barely there- singer hasn’t been spoken about by the mainstream press in ages. Now she’s suddenly been thrusted back into the spotlight. Outside of this being a normal domestic abuse situation, I don’t see the story.

Stokes is accusing her husband/manager of Chris Browning her right in the face. Which resulted in Sarah pulling a Tina Turner. [Read More On That Story Here]


Nia Long is taking it off for PETA. No disrespect, but is Nia’s hollywood cache to rep a brand? [Read More On That Story Here]


The National Inquirer is saying that Reggie Bush and socilalite Kim Kardashian are close to reconciling. Um..we barely cared when they broke up. Won’t them getting back together completely finish them off in the eyes of the public?

If you care for all the sordid boring details [Click Here To Read More On That Story]

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Nia Long Take Shots At Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009


When asked about singers pretending to be actors. Particularly one.

Nia Long’s take on Beyonce’s performance in ‘Obsessed’:

“I didn’t see ‘Obsessed,’ so I can’t comment, but it’s just not about how talented you are anymore. It’s about, ‘How much box-office revenue will this person generate?’ When you see certain people – we won’t name names – they just don’t have the skill, and no one in their team has said, ‘You need acting classes.”

Wow. I guess she does have a point though. Nia can’t get no work, but Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys getting roles left and right.

Is it always just about he dough. Whatever happened to the art??

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