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Video: YMCMB Leader Curses Fan Out At Concert!

Monday, September 12th, 2011

YMCMB leader Lil Wayne is captured going off on a fan at a live concert. Wake up people. Bottom line no artist should ever speak to a consumer in such a tone.

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Dr. Boyce Watkins Further Explains His Gripe w/ Lil Wayne, Hip-Hop Music & Why BET Has Become The New KKK [Video]

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Syracuse University professor and writer, Dr. Boyce Watkins, offers up a bit more explanation to his controversial blog post from earlier this week titled “BET Has Officially Become The New & Improved KKK”.

If you didn’t know or aren’t aware, Watkins published a scathing blog entry on criticizing the Viacom owned BET network. In the riveting piece, the well-known and respected social critic held no punches on his take regarding BET’s social irresponsibility as it relates to African-Americans. And his specific target is none other then hip-hop’s reigning king Lil Wayne:

BET, the media company that targets black consumers, but is ultimately controlled by a predominantly white organization called Viacom, is not exactly on the same page when it comes to their assessment of Lil Wayne or any other artist (i.e. R. Kelly) who can be directly linked to the holocaust occurring within black America today. Given that models of profit maximization rarely call for any assessment of the negative externalities that result from unethical corporate behavior, the executive committee for the BET Awards made the interesting decision to give the greatest number of award nominations to Lil Wayne, the man who said that he would love to (among other things) make a woman fall in love with him, convince her to steal and kill for him, and then murder her and send her dead body back to her boyfriend (“and then I’ll murder that b*tch and send her body back to yo ass”). Oh yea, he also said that he would kill little babies, have sex with every girl in the world if he could, gladly use the gun he carries on his hip and “leave a nigga’s brains on the street.”

It might be almost feasible to overlook the “kill little babies comment” were it not for the innocent three-year old boy who was shot in the head by a 21-year old black male in my hometown just a couple of weeks ago – these atrocities are all too common in countless neighborhoods across America. Also, this music is not simply harmless entertainment for millions of black youth who’ve had their history stolen during slavery and actually look to hip-hop music to tell them how to dress, talk, think, act and live. There is no high school speaker more popular than a hip-hop star.

The Ku Klux Klan has been regularly criticized for encouraging violence against African Americans and terrorizing our community. But the truth is that the Klan doesn’t have much power anymore, and their thirst for African American blood seems to have waned a bit. At the same time, Lil Wayne and artists like him have made a habit of encouraging black men to shoot one another, to abuse or murder women, to consume suicidal amounts of drugs and alcohol and to engage in irresponsible, deadly sexual behavior.

As a result, black men are the most likely to die from gun violence, mass incarceration continues to decimate black families, drug addiction and possession ruins black lives in droves, and HIV is the leading killer of black women. So, the truth is that Lil Wayne-like artists and the corporate armies producing this weaponized genocide have killed more black people than the KKK ever could. By accelerating, financing and supporting the “Lil Wayne gospel” to a community that is already dying, BET has effectively positioned itself as a new and improved version of the KKK. In fact, if we had a choice between eliminating the KKK or getting rid of BET, the black community would benefit more from the latter. [Read More]

Direct and in your face isn’t it?! Listen, Mr. Watkins is echoing my point on my now disdain for a culture I once held near and dear to my heart. While I can’t point the finger at BET specifically — and only because starting with them barely scratches the surface on the worlds attack on young black people– I can understand Dr. Boyce’s contention and passion on this issue. From rap figures calling women, “hoes and bitches”, to female’s defining a man’s value by pointless materialism, it doesn’t take a pair of bifocals to observe that music can elevate, inspire and or destroy. Add thirsty corporations, who’s only goal is to improve their over-all bottom line, and you only compound an increasingly growing problem that’s reflecting generations devolution.

Watch Dr. Boyce Watkins expound on his earlier gripe with BET and Lil Wayne above it’s worth every minute.

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Exclusive: @PiersMorgan Wants To Interview @Liltunechi + Praises @50Cent & Jay-Z As Opposed To @Coldplay

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 was granted an exclusive opportunity to chat it up with the All-Star cast of NBC’s, “America’s Got Talent”. Naturally my interest was peaked when I learned that Nick Cannon, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandell was going to be in Atlanta all at the same time taping a few episodes for the reality show’s new season. However, my hopes were somewhat crushed when I was instructed with a very authoritative tone to not ask any personal questions.

Luckily I was able to immediately shift gears and zero in on CNN’s Brit and his lack of hip-hop presence on his show, and if there’s any interest in interviewing Lil Wayne. Check out what he had to say above. It seems Morgan is quite the fan of hip-hop entrepreneurs as opposed to well off rockers like Cold Play who he feel’s were born with a silver spoon.

Check it out above.

Special thanks to Liquid Soul Media for the amazing look.

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#CelebritySpotting: Lil Wayne Unwinds After Release By Googling Himself!

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Lil Wayne googles himself yesterday hours after being released from an eight month stint at Rikers Island.

I wonder if that’s Conjure Cognac in that glass?

Let’s just hope he sits his ass down somewhere and becomes a law abiding citizen.

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Late Lunch: Shyne Disses LA Reid, Lil Jon On Celebrity Apprentice, Rihanna’s Only Girl Video & More!!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Romeo Returns With New Track  “Wall Street”

Gwen Stefani’s Rocker Husband Gives “Details” About Coming Clean With Gay Lover

Morgan Freeman’s Wife To Pen  Tell All About Marriage & Divorce

Victoria’s Secret Spills Deets On New Fashion Show & $3 Million Bra

Deborah Cox Returns To Play Josephine Baker On Broadway

Tracy Morgan To Rock Live 30 Rock Show

Grand Jury Thinks Petey Pablo Knew He Was Packing At The Airport

Lil Jon Among Stars To Appear On Celebrity Apprentice

Tyler Perry Sends Letter To Ease Concerns About “For Colored Girls”

Drake Admits  “Unthinkable” Is About Nicki Minaj

The Beautiful Kelly Rowland Honored In ATL

Randy Jackson Takes His Beef With Oprah & Jackson Family To Twitter

Official Video For Rihanna’s  “Only Girl” 

Comedian Lil Duval Does His Drake Impression

Lil Wayne Sends Another Final Letter From The Clink

Shyne Says LA Reid “Doesn’t Care” About Hip Hop, Wants To Sign With Cash Money

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Late Night Snack: Vibe Magazine Goes Digi, Kanye On Lots Of Topics, Terry McMillan’s Ex Responds To Down Low Oprah Show & More!!

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Faith To Play Former Supreme Florence Ballard In New Biopic

Busta Rhymes Talks Battling Jay Z In High School Cafeteria

Justin Timberlake Puts Tribeca Pad Up For Sale

Birdman Goes On CNN To Talk About Lil Wayne’s Incarceration

Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams Hang Out In London

Jonathan Plummer, Terry McMillan’s Ex Talks Down Low Oprah Show

TI’s Probation Officer Will Recommend Prison Time

Kanye West On Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift & More

A Look Inside The  “Michael Jackson Experience”

Soulja Boy On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine’s First Digital Issue 

Duke Students Put Campus Guys On  “Sex List”

Rihanna Covers Billboard Magazine

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Late Night Snack: Akon’s Real Name Is What?, Tiger Woods Sextape?, Mariah In A Wheelchair & More!!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Raz B Sends Shots To Fabolous & Young Joc In Internet Diss

One Of The Chicks In Tiger’s Harem Is Trying To Sell A Sextape

Queen Latifah Buys Stock In Water Company

Mariah Hits LAX In A Wheelchair

Kids Punch Each Other In The Face For Kicks

Dead Mouse Found In Bread Loaf

Nick Cannon Needs Money For His Birthday Party?

New Movie Trailer For “Night Catches Us” Starring Anthony Mackie & Kerry Washington

Did LL Cool J Ruin A Scene On His TV Show

Barack Obama’s Got Lil Wayne & Nas In His IPod

Ciara’s New Video Will Leave You “Speechless”

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Late Night Snack: Beyonce Wobblin’ At Block Party, Lil Wayne’s Playing Slow Jams In Jail, Kanye Pushed Back & More!!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Gloria Velez Goes In On Nicki Minaj, Brian Pumper Live On Air

California Heat Claims Quentin Tarantino’s Editor

J Cole Announces Tour Dates

Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Can Still Smell His Cologne?

Beyonce Wobblin’ At Neighborhood Block Party

We’ll Have To Wait A Little Bit Longer For Kanye’s New Album

Office For Mac 2011 Coming Soon

Justin Bieber Is A Doll Now

Arrest Made In Shooting Death Of Seton Hall Honor Student

Did Sarah Palin Get Booed During Dancing With The Stars

Lil Wayne Is Only Playing Slow Jams In Jail

Antoine Dodson Meets The Producers Of His Hit Bed Intruder Song

Supermodel Beverly Johnson’s Daughter Ties The Knot

The Worst Tattoo Customer Ever

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Late Lunch: Bishop Eddie Long’s Cousin’s Premonition About The Scandal, Nick Cannon Wants To Fight, NeNe Vs Dwight & More!!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Raven Symone Is Killin Em While Helping To Save The Children

David Beckham Spazzes On Fan For Asking About Infidelity

The US Government Makes It Easier To Wiretap Your Internet

Dwight & NeNe Go At It On Sneak Peek Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Clip For Tweeting?

$100k For Tweets?!

Kid Cudi Pleads Guilty For Possession Of That Good Stuff

Reactions From Don Lemon’s Brave Admission Of Molestation On National TV

Lindsay Lohan Visits A Homeless Shelter Before Going Back To Rehab

Janet Jackson Is Absolutely FIERCE In New BlackGlama Campaign

Ghostface Killah Reminisces On Ol Dirty’s Burning Days

Nick Cannon Challenges Slim Shady To A Fight, AGAIN

Bishop Eddie Long’s Cousin Pastor Rondy Long Has A Premonition About More Outings

Lil Wayne’s Daddy Baby Speaks On Celebrating His Birthday Without Him

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Late Lunch: Lindsay Is In The Clink, Lil Wayne To Remake Eminem’s Stan, Eddie Long To Step Down?, & More!!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Oh You Fancy Huh?? Lenny Kravitz Makes Fashion Statement With Man Boots

Judge Shows No Mercy, Lindsay Lohan Denied Bail & Sent Directly To Jail!!

LaLa Vasquez Talks Married Life, Open Relationships For Rolling Out Magazine

New Blood: CNN President Is OUT!!

New Nelly Video “Just A Dream”

Beyonce Is Selling Temporary Tattoos

Drake Talks New Rihanna Collaboration For New MTV Extended Play

Swizz Beatz Talks Lil Wayne’s Stan Sequel, Anne

Plus Size Label Kicked Off Milan’s Fashion Week Schedule

After Sunday, Bishop Eddie Long Will Take A Break From The Pulpit

Target To Sell Apple IPad?

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