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ATL Blog: Jermaine Dupri’s Napoleon Complex Rears It’s Ugly Head On “Chelsy Lately”

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009



Former media mogul, and rumored bachelor, Jermaine Dupri is having another episode of midlife crisis.

A new song titled “Chelsy Lately” has blown my way. And with such a bold title like “So So Def Exclusive,” you’d think that our most favorite hip-hop leprechaun had finally found his wee pot of gold. But sadly, he hasn’t. He’s just getting old.

JD’s napoleon complex needs to be studied because he’s hell bent on selling all of us the idea that he’s THAT dude you want to be in life. Or at the very least, envy.

Too bad most don’t envy fiction.

Chelsea Lately, is a tune talking about how all the chicks wanna f*ck him, how the recession is exposing “the phonies” in the game, and how So So Def is that label so you better pay him, pay him.

OK, Wait; Last time I checked I haven’t seen even a hint of a groupie [not even the chicken heads] clawing for a piece of our lil homie since the “Money Aint A Thing” video. Nor can I say that the recession hasn’t..well exposed you actually.

And as far as So So Def being “the label”…please!

And don’t think for a second that the city of Atlanta didn’t notice how its now almost August yet there hasn’t been a So So Def weekend. Because we did.

Anyway, while everyone is focused on Obama and his socialistic health care reform, I think we should all be rushing a bill for the Prez to sign into law barring Jermaine from ever recording music. Well, with the exception of Mariah Carey.

Sidebar, the beat is kinda hot though! I’m just sayin’

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