Charlamagne Brushes Off Radio Termination, “I Would Hope That The Powers That Be, Like Jay-Z, Wouldn’t Be That Petty.”



Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God is playing his position oh so well as news spreads about his supposed. “sudden” departure from his new home up in Philly. XXL Magazine reached out to the cultural critic to get his take on exactly what happened, and what was the exact reason why he was recently terminated.

Always the chess player, Charla remained pretty ambiguous in his response.

Check it: On Twitter you said the station wanted to “go in a different direction.” What exactly happened?
Charlamagne: This morning, right after the show was over, the program director came in and was like, “Yo, can we talk to you.” You know how it goes down; they tell you, “Oh, we love you, we love everything you’ve done for the company but we just moving in a different direction.” No reasoning [behind it], but it’s always like that though. I will never know the real reason, but I can speculate… You think it had something to do with the Beanie Sigel interview last week?
Charlamagne: I don’t know, that’s what I’m hearing but I don’t know how true that is. I don’t see why that woulda been an issue. I would hope that the powers that be, like Jay-Z, wouldn’t be that petty. But you never know. This whole thing is crazy. I’m sure your ratings went through the roof after that Beanie interview.
Charlamagne: Yeah, my numbers were great. I’ve never had any disciplinary action, never been suspended, never been written up, never had any verbal warnings… As controversial as they say I am, I’m like a model employee. Any program director that’s worked with me will tell you that but that’s the way it goes in radio. That’s why you gotta treat these buildings like the Carter, man. You go in, set up shop, do what you gotta do and burn it down when it’s over.

Radio is so tough these days. Why anyone would want to be apart of that BS in today’s market is beyond me.

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