Video: @FrenchMontana Opens Up About His Former Life of Crime, New Found Music Career!



Y’all know I don’t pay attention to most hip-hop these days. And that extends to Bad Boy’s French Montana. I had a chance to meet the Canadian hip-hop act at an award show a  couple of years back. And, besides his incredibly soft hands that drew my attention, there wasn’t much I knew.

Well, that changed today when I got an email from the people over at “Life  & Times” on a new video interview I thought I’d put you all onto. The Jay-Z owned blog site gets familiar with relatively newcomer on why he chose to leave the streets and interview rap. You can check it out above.

While I understand the need to have a story to connect to your audience, there’s no way a man with soft hands as Frenchie could have EVER been a street dude. I refuse to believe it. But hey it’s a great way to build up ones brand. The underdog rising to the top..its as American as apple pie. Even for Canada.

Take a few mins to watch it above.

Update: Record Scratch.. Maybe Frenchie’s story is more interesting then I thought. Hmm [Read More Here]

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