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This is a guest blog entry. does not necessarily endorse the opinions and expression viewed with the blogs, so chill!

Let’s breakdown programming (used as a noun), programming relating to radio is defined as the selection and scheduling of programs (songs) for a particular period, station on network. Let’s dig deeper programming is derived from the word program which is defined as a plan of action to accomplish a specific end. What specific end do you think a radio station has? As with any business I would say to generate money. How does a radio station generate money? The biggest way is through advertising dollars. I say another big way is by playing records from a certain label or from certain artists. We’ve all heard about payola it’s sort of like racism people try to act like it doesn’t exist but we all know it’s alive and well today whether it’s cash, expensive trips, dinners or even females, etc.

Now, let’s look at program used as a verb. Program is defined as “to cause to absorb or incorporate automatic responses, attitudes, or the like; condition”: Our parents programmed us to respect our elders.

The radio station programmed yall’ n*ggas to think some bullshit song was hot, they are conditioning people to like this wack ass shit! Yall’ following, everybody still with me so far?

Let’s continue…

I personally feel that the radio is force-feeding bullshit music on the listeners and destroying the art form that is hip-hop. I mean I don’t even listen to radio anymore cus’ I know they are going to play the same 6 songs over and over. Real talk, they don’t even need DJ’s anymore they can just press the repeat button and you’ll get the same show (I swear some do that shit anyway). DJ’s are only allowed to play what the Program Director’s add in most cases, the only time you hear something a little different is with the mix DJ’s and I swear the PD’s are getting to them too! Earlier this week DJ Gregstreet and I had a conversation on Twitter where he said that radio doesn’t just play what the Program Directors say they play what the fans want. I completely disagree. I remember when DJ’s broke artists and songs and fueled the music, that’s not the case anymore.

See some of Greg’s and my tweets below (you know Twitter only allows 140 characters so be easy on the spelling & typos, I copied and pasted all of these tweets)…

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio music is selected from what the audiance wants. you dont go to the record store tomorrow & buy all the new cds that came out
@djgregstreet thats not tru Greg we hear the same songs over & over cus’ thats what the PDs let the DJs play, come on now…

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio do u think a pd wont play a song that he knows the listeners want to hear. how does the station get ratings & sell adverti
djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio artist will drop their cd off to the station then have their friends callin requestin the song. thats not real listeners&fans
@djgregstreet they dont hav the fans cus thyr not getn any play we r bn forcfed gucci wayne plies etc

Sidenote: I happen to know that some labels set up call rooms to have people get songs on 106 & Park so what’s wrong with people’s friends requesting a song? And ain’t nothing wrong with Gucci, Wayne and Plies but damn give an underdog a little shine too!

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio fans dont come from radio play dear, radio supplies the demand. why do you think labels put artist on promo tour, to get fans
@djgregstreet i agree but the labels aint don much of that no mor they rathr push stankleg 4 the quk cash than som1 else 4 longterm divdnds
@djgregstreet so the labels r ultmatly destryn the art, in my opinion

Sidenote: I do think that some fans come from radio, I used to hear songs on the radio that make me take notice of a particular artist. Example: Melanie Fiona, heard her 1st on radio, then saw video, now I’m a fan.

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio because wayne has grinded & got his fan base. thats why wayne doesnt do free shows for radio stations
@djgregstreet wayne is the exception cus he has put n the wrk 4 yrs & grown as a mc i thnk he desrvs evthng he has now

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio the music biz & the radio biz are 2 totally different businesses. that’s what people dont get, radio sell ads, labels sell cds
@djgregstreet understood and makes complete sense
@djgregstreet which is y i dont get mad @ certn rapprs 4 comn w th dumbdown songs its a shame bt it is what it is & ultmtly peple tryn 2 eat

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio thats not true, people like what they like, you gotta learn the game before you speak on it
@djgregstreet u thnk so thr r songs that i hav hated but the radio plays it so much i find myself hummn them, thats programn not me likn it

Sidenote: Refer to my definition of programming and program above. Some people like what they like, most people begin to like what they hear over & over & over… it’s not rocket science.

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio these radio stations are worth millions, not because theyre stupid. they know what their doing
@djgregstreet xctly like tv ads do u thnk thr arnt sublimnl mssgs n the ads? thyv don documntrys shown how they do it radio us the same meth

Sidenote: Never said they were stupid, they know exactly what they are doing…that’s my point, they are dictating what’s hot & what’s not right now and unless you’re down with one of the big labels and/or big artists you will more than likely never get any shine from them. I agree that the struggling artist should continue to grind it out until they force radio to take notice but just because you don’t hear someone on the radio doesn’t mean it’s cus’ their song isn’t hot!

djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio we dont buy new music unless we know it hot, stations dont play new music unless its hot. the stations that want to win anyway
djgregstreet@K_LITEstudio kanye said it best. he stopped all the real rap cuz after touring with a white group he learned that wasnt the big bucks
@djgregstreet yea but jus cus thats so doesnt mean its right, its a biz desngd 2 make $ but a artform nonthless & thyr dstryn the art

Sidenote: People aren’t buying music really right now period. the economy is too bad to be wasting hard earned money on bullshit, the artists that put out good music will sell in any economic state. All the “ringtone raps” are not hot, just cus’ it’s playing doesn’t mean it’s hot. People need to stop being led like cattle and make decisions for themselves.

The moral of this post is just because something is widely accepted doesn’t mean it’s good or make it right/hot. There is nothing wrong with asking for 100% fruit juice while everyone else is drinking kool-aid. People tend to dislike the people that go against the grain, I tend to think those people are pretty fly, it takes courage to question and stand up against the establishment, whatever the establishment may be…

Again I ask, Do the program directors’ and radio stations determine the next hit/star? I think so!


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