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I thought that at a certain point artists realize they are too big to do certain things and/or that they just don’t have to do certain things anymore because they are so big. Hell, even if the artist doesn’t realize it, where are their people, such as management, publicists, friends, etc. they definitely should know! I thought this was even more so with an artist that’s actually talented cus’ honestly the one’s with no talent that slip through the cracks in this damn near destroyed music industry now, those fools need every gimmick, fad, charity and/or whatever to attach to and any other shit going on that’s going to distract people from realizing they have no talent.

I’m going to start with Beyonce’ first because I feel she’s the biggest out of the people I have a problem with right now. We all know that Beyonce’ is probably the best out right now in her lane and a lot of other people’s lanes too (chick is a hell of a artist/performer). The girl can sing, dance, her stage show is banoodles and if you don’t agree you are a hater to the fullest because you don’t even have to like her to enjoy her show, she puts on for real, she’s beautiful and I ain’t giving her the acting shit cus’ to me she still needs more people; that “Cadillac Records” was no “Lady Sings The Blues” for her. For those missing the analogy Diana Ross played Billie Holiday (a drug addicted singer) in “Lady Sings the Blues” and Diana “nailed it”, Beyonce’ played Etta James (a drug addicted singer) in “Cadillac Records” but no nail… she was just aight and Obsessed, bullshit!

Anyway, before the BET Awards we heard this stuff about Matthew Knowles making them take Letoya Luckett off the show by threatening Beyonce’ wouldn’t perform if she did. Are you serious? Are we really still hearing about this Destiny’s Child bullshit after all these years? Wtf? Who cares? The thing I find funny is, are they threatened by Toya? I mean no shot at Toya, I’m glad she was able to recover, too bad Latavia couldn’t, but it’s not like she could ever come up and take B’s spot. To me that’s a little hmmm, wait for it, I’m thinking…. ummmm nothing yet,…. that’s just f*cking stupid. Beyonce’s too big for that dumb shit, who cares? Okay, then after all that hoopla, they finally let Toya do the pre-show and she performed as expected…… nothing special, so again, why was Matthew concerned about her being on the award show? B’s too big for that petty shit!

Next Beyonce’ gripe….. what the f*ck was she wearing during her performance? A f*cking teddy, really? And that wasn’t a bodysuit, it’s a damn teddy, look like some shit Tina made. Don’t get me wrong I ain’t hating on B, she’s a bad chick, her body is banging. My thing is after all this time since Crazy In Love she don’t need that extra sex shit to be hot. How many times we gotta see her standing in some f*ck me pumps, in a piece of lingerie, legs extended, gap showing and the light silhoueting and/or streaming from behind her? I’m sure Jigga would love that shit if she was home in the kitchen but I don’t need to see all that! She’s too f*cking big a star for that pretty girl cant sing gotta wow them with sex tactic. To me, that’s shit’s just unnecessary and the fact that the outfit didn’t even fit the songs she sang made it even worse, she could’ve just worn a pretty gown. She didn’t pull that Frederick’s of Hollywood shit on the Oscars so why she going all Magic Cityish on the BET Awards? When you have someone her caliber doing that, then what’s next, a chick butterball ass naked trying to sing. Wait, didn’t Cassie and Rihanna already try that shit? Ha ha ha… Proves my point where do you go from there?

Next up is Usher. Again, pretty big star, they say Confessions sold over 22 million worldwide. Even though his last CD did only 1.5 million and that’s a flop considering Confessions numbers, still not bad in the current climate and he’s pretty big. Again he has the singing, dancing and questionable acting going for him. My thing is this… Is this mothaf*cka really pulling this bullshit with his divorce? I’m riding with Meek Meek on this shit, he could’ve filed privately. What nincompoop in his camp convinced him that destroying your wife and kids in the media is good for your career? He obviously didn’t listen to them when he was threatening everybody who talked about Tameka when they got married! Now this punk ass negro is supposedly questioning the paternity of his youngest child. Does that little egomaniac mothaf*cka (I’ll never forget the time he got mad at me at a party at Atty. Charles Mathis’s house cus’ I wouldn’t dance with him and he told me, “I better think about it and make the right decision!” What? As I walked off with my girl laughing, GTFOH! B*tch ass dude, yall think Tameka’s bad yall have no idea, he’s an idiot) not see the same little face we all do? The youngest child looks just like the oldest, clearly that kid is his. After being a man (standing up for his woman and marrying Tameka) for all of what was it , 2 years, maybe 2 year and a half now he’s obviously trying to garner fans, etc for his upcoming CD and he’s using Tameka, his children and this divorce to boost his ratings with his fans! Get the f*ck out of here with that bullshit, try making a hot CD and bringing them back that way. Usher is too damn big to be doing this dumb shit he’s doing.

Some artists get caught up in their own hype and clearly some might not realize their own stature. Ehhh, I kind of don’t believe that, I mean I’m talking about Beyonce’ and Usher and I’m pretty positive they know and realize how big they are, but how can that be true and they do the dumb shit that I’ve shown yall’ above? Okay, we’ll blame Matthew for the Toya stuff, I’m sure B had nooooooo idea what went on…. (yeah right!), this Usher stuff I ain’t even blaming Ms. Pat, she’s a woman and a mother so I don’t want to think she got anything to do with that, I’m blaming Raymond (Usher) and his boys, but it’s dumb shit nevertheless. Either way and whatever it is, I think they’re too damn big for this bullsh*t!


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3 Responses to “Guest Blogger K.I.M.:Are You Serious? You’re Too Damn Big For That!”

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  2. Miss Lady K says:


    Girl amazing points. I love your posts. I was too thru when she walked out on stage in her crochet-overlayed bathing suit with the silky smoothe robe. Why must we keep the fuckery at an all-time high when the BET awards roll around.I wish you woulda touched on her damn ditsy act, lil Miss I don’t know anything routine (no one in the world can be that damn simple, unless they are severely mentally challenged, which she clearly ain’t), or that tacky ass red lipstick her family keeps wearing (Imma rebuke that shit in the name of Ronald McDonald). You are right she is too big of a star to be worried about someone stealing her shine. Its not like all the fans were there to see her anyways (sorry somebody had to say it, ok so not sorry) Ugh, I wish that camp would get a clue..okay well not Solange cus I like her and she just don’t give a damn.

    And as for Usher trifling ass…I ain’t bought shit of his since the 90s. He oughta be ashamed of himself pulling the non-sense he pulled with Tameka…I hope she gets more than half of whatever that sorry mofo has. Drama ain’t making this chick here by his cd, hell I ain’t by the last. He needs to exit the stage left with his pitiful ass

  3. SugarRed says:

    Very good analysis, you have a good mind. Me and some friends were saying the same thing about Bey, she doesn’t have to do all that! And didn’t Diana Ross, the Queen of class say the same thing a few years back? Beyonce is clearly playing herself and if she falls has no one to blame but herself and probably her pops…

    as for Usher, you pretty much said it all…can’t add a word to your opinion….

    keep on keeping it real!

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