Jay-Z Explains “W.A.T.W.2.0″ Snub, “We Are the World’ Is Like ‘Thriller’ To Me. I Don’t Ever Wanna See It Touched!”



With such notable stars attaching themselves — or some would say whoring themselves out for some media attention — to the remake of “We Are The World [The Remix]“ a few noticeable absences has drawn some criticism, particularly two of the biggest names in music — Mrs. Beyonce Knowles, and Mr. Jay-Z.

And while Beyonce has yet to offer up why she was a no show to the an event that is poised to save Haiti, Jay is finally speaking on why he turned down the offer to be apart of history, which he offers above:

‘We Are the World’ is like [Michael Jackson's] ‘Thriller’ to me. I don’t ever wanna see it touched. I’m a fan of music. I know the plight and everything that’s going on in Haiti. I applaud the efforts: [Millions have been raised] through text [donations] to Haiti. So I appreciate the efforts and everything, but ‘We are the World’ is [musically] untouchable like ‘Thriller’ is untouchable. Some things are just untouchable. It was a valiant effort, but for me, it’s gonna be untouchable.”

I have to agree with the King of hip-hop. The remake has in my mind permanently damaged a classic record, especially after hearing that damn autotune. And let’s be honest with Jay creating the smash record, “D.O.A.” wouldnt’ we have all pounced if he had showed up to be apart??

The world is throwing money at Haiti so much that the entire country is set to get a face-lift, so why touch a musical gem? And if I can speak more candidly, I was VERY disappointed to see the lack of diversity that made the original one of the biggest humanitarian records in all history. Not to mention that a lot of the artists like Fergie, Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson and Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles had to be edited in because I’m assuming they had better things to do.

But will Jay’s snub of his musical peers effect his position in the game? It’s doubtful, but I would have probably liked it a whole hell of a lot more.

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