Busted!: Disgraced Journalist Chuck Phillips Trying to Set Up Jimmy Henchman!



There is a very interesting story surrounding none other then noted music industry veteran Jimmy Henchman. Apparently it’s going down behind the scenes.

We all remember Chuck Philips the disgraced LA_Times writer who was fired after fabricating an article claiming that Henchman and Diddy were responsible for the shooting of Tupac outside the quad studios in NYC back in the 90′s, which the times later fully retracted and issued apologies to Jimmy Henchman and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

But it seems things got a little bit more interesting in recent developments as it’s being alleged that Chuck Phillips is back for vengeance.

Documents attached include letters Philips has been circulating to various prisons in search of a conspirator to make further allegations against Henchman. Allegedly.

Hiphopconspiracy.com also believes that Chuck is now working with the federal government to prosecute Jimmy henchman and have him dealt with by the streets having already labeled him a “snitch”

Read below for the other alleged correspondence. The shit’s got Chuck looking real crazy and deranged. SMH.

I’m gonna side-eye this situation move on. Personally, Chuck lost all creditability with me when his story on Diddy and Henchman was proved to be FALSE.

But dude is coming off a tad bit like a lady trying to obviously set people up like this?

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