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Morning Coffee: @NYPD Shuts Down Drake Concert, Maxwell Cancels Concerts, Betty White Sex Scandal & More

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Though I’m not a fan, it would be haterific of me to ignore that fact that over 25k fans showed up for Drake’s free concert, which resulted in the NYPD shutting it down. Hey, I get it. I’m just too old to get with nite light. I still stand by my choice.

Word on the street is that Maxwell has canceled the remainder of his concert dates over backstage bickering, drama. On June 26th the tour is DOA.

Eminem was knocking on death’s door, he tells CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight”. Um.. yea, we know Marshall. But you’re good now, right? So lets move on.

Betty White is reportedly worried now that some photos of she and her late husband allegedly engaging in sexual acts. OK I think we can officially call sex tapes or sex scandals publicity stunts.

Tameka Foster Raymond, Usher’s former wife, tells Vibe magazine that she still loves him. Why doesn’t my mac come with an sickness airbag?

Songstress Stephanie Martinez makes her national debut and discuses Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian on The Daily Buzz.

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Happy Birthday Tupac!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

It always amazes me that Tupac is no longer with us. However, his legacy is very much apart of my life and the culture I love.


The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation is having  a big extravaganza later on today.  You already know that Im going to have my post coverage tomorrow.

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Twitter Scoop: @PerezHilton Comes Under Fire For Posting Naked Pic of Miley Cyrus!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Queen of mean Perez Hilton is in some hot water over a recent posting that some say has gone too far.

Per Aceshowbiz:

On June 13 on his Twitter page , the controversial blogger posted a picture of Miley having her private part shown as she didn’t wear undies.

“If you are easily offended, do NOT click here,” Perez wrote and linked to the inappropriate image which has been pulled down soon after it went up. On the same post, Perez added, “Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!”

Although the photo has been removed, Ear Sucker obtained the censored-version of it. In the picture, Miley is seen climbing out of an open-topped convertible car with her asset exposed as she doesn’t wear undies.

According to published reports, Perez could face criminal charges for unknowingly –or knowingly and not caring—posting child pornography. Miley is 17 years old.

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Druggie Scoop: Kid Cudi Busted For Cocaine?

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Kid Cudi has alot of explaining to do. After getting co-signs from the like sof Jay-Z, the newcomer rapper — turned actor was just busted for possession of a controlled substance [I'm assuming the white lady].

TMZ is reporting that Cudi took a 24-year-old woman’s phone and slammed it to smithereens.  He also allegedly broke the door of her apartment off its hinges.

I guess Cudi can kiss that Calvin Klein opportunity goodbye, huh? I knew he was unusually thin. I’m just sayin.

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First @ChrisBrown Gets Banned From Music, Now He’s Banned From Europe!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Europe fans you’d better enjoy the picture above because that’s about as close as you’ll all EVER get to Chris Brown. After a year of crash and burn situations, this one has to be the most hurtful for the embattled Pop star now that it’s been revealed that Chris is no longer allowed to travel to Europe.

Apparently the European culture frowns on men who get their ass beat by women.

Chris posted the following on his twitter page earlier today. I almost feel bad for the millionaire preschooler:

SORRY to all the fans in europe!!! my tour is cancelled. Im pretty sure yall know. my entry was denied in your country

Damn first dude gets banned from radio and now he gets banned from a continent. #EpicFAIL

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Baby Scoop: @MariahCarey Pulls Out of @TylerPerry Film Via Dr. Orders, Perry Demands Doctor’s Note!

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

The internet has been speculating about our reigning diva’s swollen uterus alot these days. And now a sudden cancellation/pull out of Tyler Perry’s new movie “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” has put the project in peril. Well that’s what Perry would like you to believe.

The shocking announcement was passed along to the Director of the film, who is said to have been a little pissed that MC pulled out a whole 5 days before the movie was set to be shot.

The writer/director/producer wrote this to his fans:

“I said, ‘What? You’re kidding me?,’ It’s five days before she has to go to work; nobody does that. We have a deal. I was told that we got a call, saying that even though our deal was done, she had been advised by her doctor not to do the film. I said, ‘What? You know I want a doctor’s note, don’t you? LOL.”

He does add however, that he knows Mariah didn’t do it on purpose, saying:

“What I do know of [Carey] is that she is a professional and wouldn’t back out of a deal unless it was a major issue. So, whatever is going on, I wish her and Nick [Cannon] the best and she has all my love, prayers and support. All I know is that I’m waiting just like the rest of the world to find out what happened. I just wish I could have finished my Mai Tai before I had to get back and re-cast this role!”

Leave it to a girl to take one’s secret preliminary baby news and make it headline news.

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Updates Coming Soon…

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates. Miami is a beast. Be back tomorrow to bring you all “the mess.”  Happy Memorial Day!

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RIP: Garry Coleman Dies…

Friday, May 28th, 2010

It’s a sad day…

Per TMZ:

Gary Coleman has died as the result of injuries he suffered earlier this week, the hospital tells TMZ.

We’ve learned Gary’s wife, Shannon, made the decision to pull life support early this AM.

We’re told Coleman died at 12:05 PM MST. He died of a intracranial hemorrhage.

Family members and close friends were at Coleman’s side when life support was pulled.

Need time to collect my thoughts…

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Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network Charity To Close Down…

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Momma Oprah is clearly walking away from everything in her past TV life and is gearing up for greener pastures with her new network slated to begin soon. After years of giving back through her Angel’s Network non-profit Oprah has had it, and is ready to move on.

[Get All The Deets Here]

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Lindasy Lohan is Going To Jail!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

While Lindsay was over in Cannes being a wreck-loose a judge is stateside drafting up papers to throw her ass in jail for missing her scheduled court date..Again.

Reports surfaced that Lindsay lost her passport while over in Cannes promoting a new film. But Judge Marsha Revel wasn’t impressed and had a bench warrant issued.

Per TMZ:

Judge Revel set bail at $100,000 and said Lindsay can post bail and remain free until the next court hearing, IF she does the following:

- drink no alcohol
- wear a SCRAM bracelet
- submit to random drug testing at least once a week

Since day one I have seen Lohan’s disrespect for herself and others, so I saw this day coming.

Let’s just hope she gets herself together. But until then throw away the key!

Sidebar: And speaking of throwing away the key, Suge Knight needs to have the same done to him. Apparently he’s still up to his old tricks.

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