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Magazine Scoop: Paula Patton Makes Pregnancy Look HOT!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Robin Thicke’s wife Paula Patton is showing off one hell of a glow with her new belly bump — thats just been deflated since giving birth yesterday.

Though I’ve never met her, I really fux with Mrs. Patton-Thicke.

Let’s hope Hollywood gets the memo that this chick is one hot commidity and needs more acting gigs. Did anyone see her in “Precious” whoa!

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Magazine Scoop: J’Adore Magazine Feature’s Gyant!

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

The mess we all call Gyant was recently featured in the new J’Adore magazine, which is on newsstands now.

Checkout my candid discussion with Executive Editor Dennis Malcom Byron [not to be confused with Atlanta's Dennis Byron], about my career in blogging, how it all started and where I’m about to go with it. You don’t want to miss it.

Check a sample excerpt from the interview below.


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What Are You Kidding Me Scoop: Young Jeezy Disses The Notorious BIG In @Vibe Magazine Interview

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Jeazy on Pac and The Notorious B.I.G.:

“Pac and Big gone…They no more. Only thing you can hear is they voice, my nigga, and you know what they voice telling me? You gotta keep it moving, man. Fuck the dumb shit…I’m four albums in. How many albums Big have, two? He ain’t make it that far. So I’m already ahead of the game.”

I can’t even comment on this nonsense. Let’s all just wait for his publicist Tracey Nguyen to release a clarification by business end.

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Magazine Scoop: Um Since When Did @DrakkArDnoiR and @NickiMinaj Become “Rap Royalty”?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

There’s old saying that God takes care of baby’s and fools, but I think he looks out for far more then that. That’s the only way I am able to reconcile how in the hell Drake and Nicki Minaj landed on the cover of the new XXL magazine.

Yes, I’ve known for awhile it was going to happen, but now that it’s here denial has most certainly set in. Call me a hater, but when in the hell did hip-hop get this bad?? I mean realistically I can’t go in on Hammerhead too much — that would be a complete waste of time. Clearly that huge forehead has you all in a trance of some kind. However, Nicki.. now that’s a whole other story.

The title of their cover is “World Domination”, but I have a question; Are people pumping their fists for Nicki and Drake outside of the USA and Canada?

Minaj — or “Butch,” as I like to call her — has completely deflated all hopes of proving that she’s a rapstress to be desired now that the horrible collabo between she and Sean Garret is getting panned across the internet.

Drake — or “Hammerhead,” as I also like to call him– should have been apart of the Freshman class edition and called it day. The problem with the  new school rappers is that they start to buy into your own hype. Nicki needs to get as much $ as she can because she has NO chance of becoming the next Lil Kim with her erratic personality disorder — and sporadic lyrical delivery. And Drake needs to go ahead and cross over into American films [I see you Drake. I know you're just pimping the game to get over to Hollywood].

All in all XXL magazines new cover is one gargantuan fail. And I don’t even blame the magazine. I mean hell in these trying times if they felt that evil blogger Sandra Rose would get people to purchase some magazines she’d be front and center.

I miss real hip-hop. #sigh!

Oh and if these two are the rebirth of rap royalty, then somebody better toss me in jail for treason cause I ain’t buying it. No pun intended.

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Video: Um Does @Songzyuuup Ever Wear Clothes?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Trey Songz is really getting alot of publicity these days ain’t he. The new face of R&B just shot a provocative new Vibe magazine cover that’s got most of y’all drooling [not me just so we're clear]. And now the behind the scene’s video has been released.

Some bloggers are hatin’ and are still trying suggest that Trey is the lover of the peen, but in my personal opinion there’s been no evidence of such suggestions –and beleive me I’ve looked! And though I bet Songz is uncomfortable with the homo connection, they say you’re nobody in this business until the gay rumors start to surface.

Although I can’t say that anyone’s ever called T.I. a homo. Hmmmm.

Oh well Viva La Gays. Let’s stop with the Trey Songz butt pirate jabs already. I’m all for a good rumor, but really??


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Lloyd Banks Offer’s Up Advice To @TrinaRockStar @Dorionrenaud @AnthonyBrutha On Nude Leaks!

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The newly relaunched Vibe magazine (online) caught up with rapper Lloyd Banks to talk about blah and who care’s. However, his advice on the worlds fascination with taking nude photo’s, and celebrities getting caught in completely avoidable scandals was so real that I just had to post it for you all:

Is there anything you have on lock that, if leaked, would really embarrass you?

Nah. Shit, the fact of losing music is embarrassing enough, but all that other shit like pictures and video… I don’t do any of that shit. You gotta know who you are as a human. [Laughs] If you’re sending somebody your picture and you’re just a regular Mo, then that picture won’t mean anything. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to be embarrassed. You can be a regular person that turned into a celebrity later. So that goes for the regular Moes too. Be careful.

In my infinite desire to educate stars and regular men and women alike, nude pictures with electronic devices are simply a bad idea.

Heed my word. I’m trying to prevent you from a lot of pain. Props to Lloyd Banks for spitting the truth.

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Druggie Scoop: Whitney Houston In Rehab???

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Well we can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Personally, it’s not even sad — it’s BEYOND it!

I know its harsh to say, but I already have my blog typed up for the inevitable. Bobby Brown is gone, so now who’s fault is it???

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Magazine Scoop: NEON Magazine Apologies For Bogus Beyonce Article!

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

There was an alleged story circling the unofficial blogs about some interview that left Beyonce confessing that she’s got a marriage contract with her hip-hop husband Jay-Z. Apparently NEON magazine published the article, and is now eating dog sh*t all the way to the printer. didn’t post it because I knew it was complete B.S. First off if Beyonce was going to talk about her inner marriage dealings, it for damn sure wouldn’t have been to some unknown German magazine that nobody’s heard of — let alone reads.

Check their statement where they blame a “freelance journalist” for the article, but not themselves:

We do have serious doubts in the truth of many statements of the interview of Ms. Beyonce Knowles published in NEON, Issue January/2010

The article was written by the freelancer Ingo Mecek. The editors-in-Chief have confronted Ingo Mocek with these doubts. Ingo Mocek was not able to verify certain statements, particularly the statements regarding a marriage contract of Ms. Knowles. There, we assume that the interview did not take place as claimed by Ingo Mocek

NEON dissociates itself from the content of the interview with Ms. Knowles. NEON subscribes to a high level standard of truthful journalism. Since Ingo Mocek has violated these standards serverely, NEON has terminated all relationships with Inco Mocek with immediate effect.

We sincerely apologize to Ms. Knowles and her management for all personal inconvenience that may have arisen due to the publication of this interview.

C’mon son, people aren’t stupid. And shame on a publication for trying to throw a freelancer up under the bus. Call me an ass, but I’ve worked for tons of magazines, and NOTHING makes it into a publication without fact checking and or running it through legal.

This is simply an epic fail. And no amount of finger pointing is gonna take the heat of NEON. This is yet another example of how magazines are NO DIFFERENT from the blogging community.

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Magazine Scoop: Gyant Featured In Jenesis Magazine…

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

I had pleasure to be interviewed by Jenesis Magazine, which is an online publication, for their current issue. In the mag, I spoke candidly about my history, my career in the game, how blogging has changed the world and how I handle the endless rumors and tips I get from sources:

When a rumor is dropped most bloggers jump at the chance to speak. When the rumor is wrong after the fact they are remorseful. Why don’t bloggers research more before trying to be first to break a rumor?

I think the main reason why bloggers don’t do much research is because we still feel that we aren’t the media. For the most part bloggers are not strong writers. There’s no education or discipline that’s involved with doing what we do.

Bloggers, like journalists want to break the story first. However journalists unlike bloggers don’t just run with anything people tell them. Bloggers need to be looked at as entertainment only. We should not be your news source.

Being an entertainment blogger, before you make a post do you think about the pros, cons, and possible backlash your post on someone could have?

In being a blogger I try my best to weigh the pros and cons of everything I do. Take Pleasure P aka Marcus Cooper. I too like every other blogger ran with the story that he’s a child molester. Someone on twitter posted what looked like authentic court documents from someone who claimed to be the daughter of the attorney Cooper had hired and failed to pay despite the attorney’s alleged best efforts to keep the incident private.

Without proper research most urban bloggers ran with the story which resulted in Pleasure P’s entire world being turned upside down. To date nobody really understands what really happened there, but the allegations have proven to be false.

To the read up on more on the mess we all call Gyant, [Go Here to download your copy of Jenesis Magazine].

Special shouts to Lola Sims for the lookout.

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Magazine Scoop: Birdman Covers Urban Ink + Behind The Scene’s Photos!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Over the summer I had the opportunity to chop it up with the boyz from Young Money. On the day I met up with the Jay Sean, Slim, Baby and Mack Maine they were shooting a cover for Urban Ink magazine. Well that cover has finally become available and its dope.

And seeing as though I am a an ass man I knew those cakes looked familiar. Check out a few blackberry photo’s I got from behind the scenes. Check below.


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