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ToldYaSo: @DonLemonCNN Comes Out of The Closet, Talks The Struggles of Being Black & Gay In America!

Monday, May 16th, 2011 was the FIRST media outlet to put you all onto some rumblings I heard that CNN’s Don Lemon was to come out of the closet this week in conjunction with his new book “Transparent”. I won’t take this time to once again remind the readers that I have scooped all the big wigs with my info, which sparked outrage from numerous readers for “exposing” Don’s sexual preference. Personally I don’t understand it, and only because he was coming out anyway, have I not lost an ounce of sleep.

Don made his announcement to the NY Times:

“People are going to say: ‘Oh, he was molested as a kid and now he is coming out.’ I get it,” he said.

Few national television news anchors or hosts have publicly acknowledged being gay. Rachel Maddow is perhaps the best known. Her MSNBC colleague, Thomas Roberts, has also come out as gay.

Mr. Lemon has not made a secret of his sexual orientation in his work life; many of his CNN co-workers and managers have long been aware that he is gay. But he still acknowledged that going public in his book carries certain risks.

“I’m scared,” he said in a telephone interview. “I’m talking about something that people might shun me for, ostracize me for.”

Even beyond whatever effect his revelation might have on his television career, Mr. Lemon said he recognized this step carried special risk for him as a black man.

“It’s quite different for an African-American male,” he said. “It’s about the worst thing you can be in black culture. You’re taught you have to be a man; you have to be masculine. In the black community they think you can pray the gay away.” He said he believed the negative reaction to male homosexuality had to do with the history of discrimination that still affects many black Americans, as well as the attitudes of some black women.

Well, I can’t argue with that last part. Let’s see how it goes down today.

Story Developing…

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Homo Scoop: Tranny Passes PolyGraph Test Regarding @LLCoolJ ‘s Freaky Side!

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Today’s alleged gay scandal centers around one hip-hop’s God Fathers. Anybody who’s a fan of rap music — and CBS– knows that LL Cool J has been fodder for gay rumors pretty much since day one. While I’m very familiar with LL’s rumors throughout the years, it seems one is hitting closer to home then one might think.

Per Jacky Jasper:

LL Cool J reportedly has a secret sexual fetish for men who dress like women — tranny’s who work the track selling sex for money.

You may remember just last week we first told you about Toni Newman, a tranny and former NYC prostitute, who says he/she experienced LL Cool J and his fetish first hand. This after LL Cool J reportedly picked Toni up near NYC’s infamous 14th street red light district, and paid for Toni’s sexual services.

It’s a story which Toni says he/she brought to the attention of The National Enquirer. Not surprisingly, the popular gossip publication showed great interest — so much so that Toni says one of its staff members, Sarah Cordes, interviewed Toni for three long hours before paying upwards of $500 to have Toni tested by polygraph. Toni says she passed the test “with flying colors” and was immediately signed to an exclusive three-week long contract with The National Enquirer stipulating that Toni not speak to any other news organization until the story broke. It’s a contract which Toni says she was later released from after The National Enquirer reportedly “worked a deal out with LL Cool J” — leading them to kill the story.

[Checkout Contract Here]

I’m staying far away from this story. But I tell you this I will be front and center in the grocery store while the cashier scans my soy milk getting all the dirt should this story ever reach the light of day.

*clutches pearls*

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Homo Scoop: @Real_MisterCee ‘s Tranny Pics Uncovered!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

New pics have hit the web showing the now infamous Tranny Lawrence Campbell aka Brooke-Lynn. Reports suggest that she/he is was getting it in with HOT 97 DJ Mister Cee over the weekend.

I figured you all could use a good laugh this morning. Owwwwwww

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Late Lunch: Alicia + Swizz Welcome Baby, Nicki’s Pink Friday Album Cover, How Usher Spent His BDay & More!!

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Nicki Minaj’s  “Pink Friday” Album Cover

Did Christina Aguilera Dump Her Hubby To Hook Up With Lindsay Lohan’s Ex Samantha Ronson!?

Alicia Keys + Swizz Beatz  Welcome Their Son To The World

Former Roc A Fella Records Exec Kareem “Biggs” Burke Busted This Morning In Drug Sweep

Bill O’Reilly Calls Bullshit On Eminem’s No Profanity Rule In Home

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Set Wedding Date

Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes Gets An Upgrade

Erykah Badu Sends Hip Hop A Warning That “It’s Losing It’s Edge”

Usher Spends His BDay At The Pumpkin Patch With His Adorable Sons

Ebony Magazine Releases More Tribute Covers Featuring Usher, Yolanda Adams, & Omar Epps

Young Berg’s Baby’s Momma Talks His  Deadbeat Dadness To His Autistic Son

Chingy’s Tranny Sidney Starr Responds To Kat Stacks Again

Dude Where’s Your Pants??! LA Laker Ron Artest Visits The Mo’Nique Show Sans Pants

Big Boi Drops  “Tangerine” Featuring Rick Ross, T.I, & Bun B

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Morning Coffee: Justin Bieber Stole Freestyle?, TI Suicide Rescue Based On Movie?, Prince Announces Tour & More!!

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Justin Bieber Exposed  Swaggerjacking Miami MC?

India’s Richest Man Builds Billion Dollar Home

CVS Fined $75 Million For Selling Meth Ingredients

Toni Braxton Could Go To Jail Over Debts!?

Prince Announces Welcome 2 America Tour With Janelle Monet

Rick Ross Drops Official Video For  “I’m Not A Star”

Twitter Beef: Waka Flocka VS. Kat Stacks

Dude Makes $2.5 Million At 21 On Myspace, Broke At 22

Porno & Racist Emails Surface From NY Candidate Who Called Homos “Dysfunctional”

New Rihanna Beatdown Pics May Hit The Net Soon

Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Church Hit With Sexual Harassment Suit

NY Knick Eddy Curry Defaults On  Six Figure Loan

Disappointed Youth Go In On Barack Obama During Townhall

TI’s Suicide Rescue Very Similar To Don Cheadle Movie?!

Jamie Foxx & Rick Ross Are  “Living Better Now”

IRS Posts Pics Of  Young Buck’s Stuff For Bidding

Marc Lamont Hill Sues Philly Police For $1 Million Over Harassment

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Late Night Snack: Omarion Talks Raz B, Kanye Rejects Twista, Obama’s Townhall & More!!

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Drake Brings A Fan On Stage & Gets Straddled

Omarion Says Raz B’s Allegations Are All About Money

“Precious” Director Lee Daniels Can’t Bail His Brother Out Of Jail From Cocaine Charges

President Obama’s People Asked For Light Questions During Townhall?

Mc Donald’s Happy Meal Burger Doesn’t Decompose After Sitting Out Six Months!!

Kelly Rowland Drops New Christmas Single  “Wonderful Christmastime”

Georgia Teacher Busted For Sending Naked Pics To Student

Twista Feels Bad About Not Being Able To Join G.O.O.D Music

Lady Gaga Buys All Her Old Material Back

Kanye West Only Follows Models On Twitter

Monica & Trey Songz Team Up For  “Here I Am” Remix

$7000 Vertu Smartphone Looks Like Batman’s Blackberry

Gucci Mane Teams Up With Master P For Movie Deal

Anita Baker Gets Sued & Owes Lots Of People Lots Of Money

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Morning Coffee: Kanye Nude Pics?!, Justin Bieber Freestyle, TI Suicide Rescue A Publicity Stunt? & More!!

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Justin Bieber Freestyles To Cam’ron’s  “Speaking In Tongues”

Hip Hop Legend Roxanne Shante Beats Breast Cancer

Eddie Murphy Stars In New Movie “Heist”

Charles Barkley Defends Brett Favre & His Racy Pics

TI’s Suicide Rescue Staged?

In Wake Of Gay Suicides, Blogger Perez Hilton Pledges To Stop Bullying Celebs On His Site

Kanye West Nude Photos For Sale!?

Artwork For Jay Z’s  The Hits Collection Vol 1

Antoine Dobson Compares Himself To Britney Spears In New Video

Lenny Kravitz Puts His New Orleans Cottage Up For Sale

US Government Using  Facebook To Spy On Users

$159 Million Of Cocaine Seized On Yacht

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Late Night Snack: TI Talks Man Off Roof, Essence’s First Lesbian Marriage Feature, Chelsea Clowns 50 & More!!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

China Vs Brazil Turns Into Basketbrawl!!

TI Saves Man From Jumping Off Roof In Suicide Attempt

Chelsea Handler Clowns The Thought Of Smashing 50 Cent

NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Fined For Faking Injuries

Usher & Trey Songz Talk Lots O’ Panties &  New Tour

Essence Magazine Features First Lesbian Couple In Wedding Feature

IPhone 4 Glass Is 82% More Likely To Break Than 3Gs Version

Tiger Woods Sex Tape To Drop Friday?!

Marty McFly’s Back To The Future II Jacket To Be Auctioned Off

Ciara Visits Memphis School & Announces Album Release Date

Terry McMillan’s Ex Husband Does “No Down Low” TV Show

Sanaa Lathan Cast In New All Star Flick

El Debarge & Faith’s New Track  “Lay With You”

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Late Lunch: Shyne Disses LA Reid, Lil Jon On Celebrity Apprentice, Rihanna’s Only Girl Video & More!!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Romeo Returns With New Track  “Wall Street”

Gwen Stefani’s Rocker Husband Gives “Details” About Coming Clean With Gay Lover

Morgan Freeman’s Wife To Pen  Tell All About Marriage & Divorce

Victoria’s Secret Spills Deets On New Fashion Show & $3 Million Bra

Deborah Cox Returns To Play Josephine Baker On Broadway

Tracy Morgan To Rock Live 30 Rock Show

Grand Jury Thinks Petey Pablo Knew He Was Packing At The Airport

Lil Jon Among Stars To Appear On Celebrity Apprentice

Tyler Perry Sends Letter To Ease Concerns About “For Colored Girls”

Drake Admits  “Unthinkable” Is About Nicki Minaj

The Beautiful Kelly Rowland Honored In ATL

Randy Jackson Takes His Beef With Oprah & Jackson Family To Twitter

Official Video For Rihanna’s  “Only Girl” 

Comedian Lil Duval Does His Drake Impression

Lil Wayne Sends Another Final Letter From The Clink

Shyne Says LA Reid “Doesn’t Care” About Hip Hop, Wants To Sign With Cash Money

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Morning Coffee: Highlights From BET’s Hip Hop Awards, Lindsay Flees Rehab!, New Rihanna Music & More!!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Chingy’s Tranny Won’t Stop Talking About Him & Their Relationship

Rihanna Brings Caribbean Rhythms To   “A Child Is Born”

Cee Lo Green’s  “Lay It Down” Late Night Talk Show To Premiere Next Week

Jay Z Reminds Us To Vote Again In New Promo

Cyphers & Highlights From BET’s Hip Hop Awards Show

Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Sheree Went On A Date With  A Fraud

Another Porno Star Tests HIV Positive

Miners In Chile Rescued After Two Months Trapped In Mine Finds Barack Obama & Sarah Palin Are Related

Lindsay Lohan Apprehended Attempting To Flee Betty Ford Clinic Rehab Facility

Plies Drops New “Why You Hate” Video

Armless Piano Player Wins  “China’s Got Talent”

Lloyd’s  “Lay It Down” Official Video

Mystikal Is Back With New Record Featuring Fiend & Lil Wayne  “Papercuts”

New Era Announces Fitted Cap Making Contest

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