Update: @ShawtyLo Oxygen Show Cancelled, Blogs Report Erroneus Story! [2nd Update]



It’s interesting how so many blogs — top blog sites, too– all took to their respective web destinations to tap away at their keyboards in exuberance about Shawty Lo’s new reality show being cancelled.

It seems some people — present company included– were offended that Oxygen decided to give the Bankhead representative his own reality show called ‘ALL My Baby’s Momma’s”. The show, you can imagine, would follow the alopecia sufferer as he provides, supplies and denies all 10 of his baby’s mommas.

The original report, that came down from top blog sites, who I won’t mention, was that show was cancelled due to outrage of viewers. However it seems Oxygen has no plans on canceling anything. If anything its coming to us all harder and stronger.

A source, who works for Oxygen, hit me personally to say the show has NOT been cancelled and is very much still in development. It seems the erroneous reports are nothing more than a smear tactic to make sure this show wont see the light of day. A tactic that clearly wont work.

Lets see what transpires. Personally Im watching to see if the blogs who ran with the original story are gonna do their jobs or just let it ride.

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That’s the thing about sources. They aren’t worth a damn when they get it wrong. SMDH

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