EPIC FAIL: Jermaine Dupri’s Security Groupie Big Bob Threatens The, “Gyant” At A Charity Event For Flood Victims!



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There are times as a man when you have to take it on the chin and suck it up. And, then there are times that’s its impreative for you to stand your ground and speak the truth on the basis of principle. This is one of those times.

Tonight I was invited by the fabulous Tamiko Hope of Word Ink, PR  to cover a flood disaster relief bowling benefit hosted by terminated executive of Def Jam records  Jermaine Dupri, and Nelly with a host of of Atlanta stars. At first the idea of traveling way up I-85 to a bowling event was mind numbing. But in an effort to give my once favorite Napoleon some positive presss I figured I’d come out and show him some luv.

That is until I was threatened by his head security Big Bob via Jermaine Dupri himself.

It seems that after years of making hits for the likes of Mariah Carey, Xscape, Kris Kross and a few others, JD is still VERY sensitive about his height. Now, anyone who reads Gyantunplugged.com, or SOHH.com or has followed me and JD’s tit for tat over the years, knows that I have called him EVERYTHING from a leprechaun to Janet Jackson’s midget. And the former music mogul has seemed to take it on the chin and keep it moving.

Well I guess he’s over the short jokes as tonight the once sought after producer issued a threatening dismissal of Gyant at his charity event to assist flood victims of Atlanta, GA.

Tonight on October 1st, 2009, I was reprimanded and almost physically tossed [or at least they would have tried] out of a public bowling alley at the request of the former mogul I lovingly call a,  “leprechaun”. His barely functioning and immensely overweight bodyguard Big Bob, who I hear is has been trying to make moves on the low to separate himself from the mogul for quite sometime, demanded I  leave the red carpet area, and even threatened, “to take it to the streets” if I didn’t vacate the property immediately.

Is this anyway to treat the media, particularly a blogger? Never in my seven years have I EVER been treated with such disrespect – and people know that I say some pretty off the cuff statements.

Over the years I have supported JD in his attempts at trying to play mogul when we ALL knew that he was way out his league as being named a VP at Def Jam. I said nothing when he tried to ride the then Def Jam President Jay-Z’s coat tails, by attaching Janet to his situation  which one can only assume was done to boost his over the top male ego.. And I even played along when the munchkin announced his TAG records “deal”.

So for this little bitchyea I said it – to try and take me to task over talking to my friends off camera about calling him a, “leprechaun” when everybody in this loathing industry calls the, “has been”, EVERYTHING BUT THE CHILD OF GOD, I find laughable to say the least. I looked the other way when you skipped out on paying your employee’s of the now defunct “Cafe Dupri”. And, I even played coy when I knew WEEKS before you got your pink slip that Def jam was tossing you out on your ass for failing to secure a #1 hit as your role as Vice President.

While I realize that his security team have a job to do,  the media should never be treated like hoodlums on the street when we are simply trying to do our jobs and entertain our audience. And furthermore for that that fat FUCK Big Bob to threaten me by saying that he’s gonna, “take it to the streets” for me trying to do what I do, is offensive beyond words.

I mean has anyone seen this lard ass hobble around a club, or  an event to protect anybody? One kick to that shabby appendage he calls a leg and his fat ass would drop faster then a wretched whore at Velvet Room. The old, slow and crippled can’t compete with the young, strong and healthy.

While I understand that my comment may have been in poor taste, Perez Hilton, the #1 blogger online draws cocks on peoples faces and, cocaine in peoples noses, and he remains the toast of Hollywood. So if you urban artist’s cant understand the game then get the out now, and go apply at Mcdonald’s.

Dondria Nicole, though your boss FUCKED UP majorly with me, I’ll still support the music. Q Da Kidd same for you.

Big Bob – Not cool. at ALL. Good luck trying to get me to support ANYTHING your old fat ass is attached to. And if you see me in the street you betta pretend YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

JD – side eyeing you like CRAZY right now. I truly thought that you’d be way cooler then that homie. People call me Magilla Gorilla, Grape Ape, Fag, Punk, etc, and I take it like a man. Why can’t you????????

Or does your size give us in insight as to what type a man you are – a small one who can’t take the simplest of jabs. You are a small man. Deal with it. I am a big man, I do.

So much for the charity event that NOBODY showed up for. I’m just sayin’.

If you cant stand the heat get out the kitchen. Dont beat up the Chef for SERVING you a meal.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program….

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5 Responses to “EPIC FAIL: Jermaine Dupri’s Security Groupie Big Bob Threatens The, “Gyant” At A Charity Event For Flood Victims!”

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  4. kennyRNNG says:

    Gyant,whats the deal with these fake comments in red lettering?
    Secondly thats foul of JD but the dudes like 4″11,he can’t hurt you with fists so he gotta resort to words!With that egomanical attitude no wonder Janet left his underachieving overwhelming bum ass.

  5. SugarRed says:

    don’t take it personal, he probably hates All bloggers…after all, I’ve never seen him portrayed in a positive light….ever…

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