ATL Blog: Tiny To Twitterland T.I. Does NOT Have Twitter Page!



There I was searching a few of my favorite blogs when I saw a post spotted on, [ironic isn't it] saying that the reclusive, and somewhat majestic MC had joined twitter. Ecstatic I hit the link button and came across the following tweet from a T.I. “verified” twitter account:

major announcement coming Monday 3/8 @ 5pm EST on #kingsback

Dubious, I went back to the popular rap blog and noticed an update posted by T.I.’s queen herself Tiny, who posted the following tweet on her own twitter page:

Sorry 2inform u but TI does not have a twitter page!

Could this be Tip’s record label Atlantic who’s behind the silent addition to the twitter family? Personally I’m glad he’s not apart of the microblogging site. I often find that once you locate your celebrity of choice, their random tweets cheapen the experience, somewhat. I’m gonna need one my most favorite labels in the game to get it together. #Epicfail’s like these are almost unforgivable. I mean hell what’s next, are they gonna start selling Trey Songz album for .99 cents?

Popularity: 2% [?]

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