ATL Blog: @OfficialDream Angers Atlanta Tastemakers & DJ’s, Attends Private Listening Session Surrounded By Bodyguards!



*Update* It looks like @OfficialDream realizes the error’s of the evening and is blaming his label for the mishap.

Singer/songwriter — turned Executive Vice President of Island Records Dream — hosted an exclusive private listening session in Atlanta, GA tonight, May 24th, 2010.

And while I’d love to be able to tell you some info about his upcoming CD, “Love King,” Dream’s decision to separate himself from the very industry affiliates he invited to come out to support, and engage, blocked my musical ear so severe that I can’t even tell you anything about the project.

Outkast’s Stankonia was the spot where local tasteamakers, and DJ’s from across the country were invited to come and bask in the music of “Love King”. And it’s unfortunate that Terius Nash would select such a night to be antisocial, and alienate the very people who pushes his music to his fans.

There was no greeting, and no hint of an announcement to the project. Dream offered up no information on the album. No explanation of the music. Zilch! All invitee’s got was a generic “Thank you all for coming out to support me,” he quipped. And to make matters worse they didn’t even play the entire album. How am I to do a write up on a project that I can’t even hear in its entirety?

Listen, I get that in some parts of the world four bodyguards are needed for protection and projection, but in Atlanta we don’t play none of that!

And while I won’t throw anybody’s name in this blog, executives at Def Jam, DJ’s, and all of top radio station personalities were offended, and or embarrassed beyond belief. And to make matters worse, one of Dream’s bodyguards caused a slight incident by fainting. I imagine its because the notion that a robust gentleman standing in a full suit — with the tie to boot- in a venue that lacked adequate air circulation, was sensory overload.. even for him.

To be fair one person suggested that Dream’s stand-offish attitude is attributed to the fact that over zealous groupies have rushed the musical prodigy in previous veunes, which is making Dream feel unsafe. And while the latter can be understood to a certain degree, industry events – where pretty much everybody is somebody in the game that we call the music industry – it made Dream look like one big jerk. Or worse, a dude who’s gone Hollywood.

The listening session ended sharply at 10:27pm. And just when everyone’s noses were turned up in disgust, Nash then gets escorted out of the building surrounded by his goons. Perhaps there were a bunch of screaming “regular folk” who were clambering for some attention that I didn’t notice, but the entire situation was an #epicfail.

And you already know everyone in the building — and I mean EVERYONE– is looking to me to put the whole situation on blast. So there you go.

For the record I didn’t have one drink and or sample one morsel of food from the Def Jam expense account. I am not the blogger who will indulge in your culinary offerings just go home and trash you.

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