ATL Blog: Johnnie Cabelle Denies Eviction, Offers Up Office Address For Anybody To Come By And See!!



The Johnnie Cabelle debacle continues to heat up. After a very angry call from Mr. Cabelle himself today, he wanted me to personally know that the entire blog that I posted last night about him getting thrown out of his place of business due to not paying the rent was bogus. Johnnie’s wrath was somewhat a surprise. But I guess one can understand the need to do damage control when someone throws dirt on a person’s name,

Anyway, Cabelle wants the world to know that despite witnesses spotting the alleged shady industry affiliate loading materials into the back of a vehicle last night, his company nor himself is involved in any type of eviction. The plump and gaudy CEO of Hit Afta Hit, LLC insists his business partner was the one in financial trouble and was just offering assistance.

Johnnie went on to say that his office address is 55 Marietta Street STE 16, Atlanta, GA 30303, and the booking agent to Nicki Minaj and Shawty Lo encourages anybody to roll through to see that he’s doing REALLY good.

Personally, I don’t believe it. I mean where there’s smoke there is fire — plus Im EXTREMELY cool with a very close affiliate the sitation and they are calling me telling me all kind of drama developing behind the scenes. However, I do have to comment on you rappers, music executives, publicists, etc who call me with the “I thought we were cool,” bs needs to stop.

Make no mistake I am a blogger/social critic. I talk about what the people are talking about..well to a certain degree. And trust me for all that I put out there there’s a BUNCH of stuff I keep quiet about. To my peoples in the game who REALLY know me – y’all know I got your back. To those of you who haven’t done SHIT for “The Gyant” you know what you can do with those “I thought we were friends” phone calls.

I just had to get that part out.

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3 Responses to “ATL Blog: Johnnie Cabelle Denies Eviction, Offers Up Office Address For Anybody To Come By And See!!”

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  2. mskane says:

    this is straight up bullshty that nigga just got that office an someone sure seem very supportive of this bytch made money stealing rumorer spreading faggot azz punk
    i tell you what to tape take how them nicca say they gonna kill that nicca if he dont come up with that money for them fake shows he booked!!!!! this nicca name is widely spread through the industry for that bullshty he is not like at all an promoters dont even want to book them artist’s because they got to go through him.

  3. mskane says:

    he talkin bout black people doing this an that bringin each other down well what do u call it when you be lying an stealin promoters money

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