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After all these years Julia Beverly still can’t get the luv from the people. Some say its well deserved. Others say there’s no merit to all the hate. Personally I could give two cents. I stopped reading magazines years ago.

Anyway’s IsIs Wisdom has launched yet another “Hip-Hop hates Ozone Magazine” campaign. Here’s what she’s saying:

Greetings hip-hop colleagues, I need your help today I’m calling on a Hip-hop Boycott on Ozone magazine and it’s founder Julia Beverly. Most of you already know the history of this individual and her lying ways and treacherous slandering and causing beef with in the hip-hop community. Well she is back up to her old tricks again by putting out a false video of HAH founder Johnnie Cabbell saying that he was evicted. I personally called him and the first thing I said to him was he ok. To show the humanity side there ain’t nothing funny about people having hard times, in this recession. The second thing I did was go down to his offices at 55 Marietta street and not only did I see his office is in tact but all of his employees were in there working as if it was just a regular day. How ever because the bloggers did not take the time to do their research it resulted in Johnnie having to do damage control once again. It would appear that there is some personal beef between these two which has nothing to do with the hip-hop community or the public domain. Julia has countless times caused beef with in our community by pitting rappers against each other and bringing them enough negative press that very well could have ended up getting a few acts jail time as a result.

For 8 years I have sat here and watched hip-hop journalism and it’s credibility go down the drain. Julia Beverly has shown countless number of times that she does not care whose life she destroys by using her outlet to put out non factual evidence and this is supposed to be a magazine. She is a disgrace to hip-hop and unless we do something about this very soon I’m afraid it is going to end up somebody getting seriously hurt, going to jail or worse. I’m requesting an interview with the press to express my views and hopefully we can all start a dialog about how to resolve this problem. No other media outlet does this except her. We all learned from Biggie and Tupacs death there are just somethings you just don’t do in hip-hop because we are emotional and can get volatile at times. You can reach me at this email address and let me know your thoughts. Its one thing to not know the truth but it’s even a greater atrocity when you don’t do anything about it. Please feel free to forward this email out to as many people that you know including radio station hosts but this is a discussion that needs to be had and a problem that needs to be resolved now!

Isis wisdom

Listen do I fux with Julia – no. Does she fux with “The Gyant” – HELL NO. But I’m a firm believer in things working themselves out. If I don’t want someone to support something the last thing I’d do is tell people NOT to support it. It almost works against your cause a bit don’t cha think?

I prefer to pretend that people I don’t like died. I suggest if you don’t fux with Ozone..just don’t buy the magazine.

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