When The Checks Stop Coming In: @LTLLine In Financial Troubles!

Former Mogul Jermaine Durpi is yet again in the news. We’re familiar with JD’s fall from grace all to well these days. Once at the top of his game with numerous hits on the charts, a dynamite Pop star girlfriend, and a highly coveted position at Def Jam; Dupri has fallen on hard times these days.

Jermaine’s been the victim of numerous public financial woes that show no signs of slowing down. Close industry connects tell me things have gotten so bad that JD has resorted to booking DJ events for extra cash. Is JD broke by regular peoples standards? I doubt it. However, to call the once super-producer a “poor rich man” would be a fair assessment.

JD’s shady business practices are legendary. Almost every and anybody who’s worked with or for him have nothing nice to say regarding how he handles business — and believe me I know, I’ve checked. From stiffing employee’s on their paychecks, to taking more publishing then he’s entitled from records he had minimal creative input on, some are calling JD’s downfall nothing but karmic retribution.

If I had a dollar for every time someone text, called and or emailed me some dirt on Jermaine Dupri I’d be a very rich man. But for all the info I receive I’m very careful what I put out there to you people :-)

Look at what happens when the checks stop coming in. Damn shame. No disrespect to JD, but if this what you call, “Living The Life,” then I’ll keep my day job!


Meet & Greet w/ @BMI Showcase Finalist @JusNice 5/3

I’ve been telling you all for years that Jus Nice was on his way to becoming a star. Back in my days I met Jus and his #Fressh team. I immediately knew he was a star. And now after a grueling grind to get to the top, Justin Grant aka Jus Nice is on his was in more ways then one.

Forget for a second the mixtape grind Jus has been on lately. Toss aside the fact that he’s holding down both a full time rap career as well as a fulltime college student. Lets just focus on his recent victory as being announced as one BMI’s Annual Urban Showcase finalists for 2011.

Regarded by many as one of the most talented up-and-coming artists Jus Nice is proving that he truly is one of Hip Hop’s brightest new stars. His Talent is no secret for those who are familiar with his work. Yet With the new mixtape Jus Nice is looking to capture a new audience and expand his fan base.

The new project #FRESSH also offers a peak into some new business relationships. Welcoming some Familiar faces into the Fressh movement, DJ Greedy, Honor Roll Clothing Company & official Sponsor of the mixtape