Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Basketball Hall of Fame player Julius “Dr. J” Erving and Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell at the new Converse Basketball Court at Piedmont Park.

Yesterday, CONVERSE Inc., unveiled two new basketball courts at Piedmont Park in midtown Atlanta, Georgia, along with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell and NBA legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving.  The Converse basketball court donation, consisting of one full court and one half court, is part of Converse’s commitment to fostering community involvement through basketball in the city of Atlanta.

Converse donated two basketball courts to Atlanta’s Historic Piedmont Park as part of its commitment to the city’s youth.

Marked with the iconic Converse Star Chevron logo, the basketball courts will provide youth with the opportunity to play basketball in an area that has not had courts before. Before the court presentation, Converse held its Open Gym session with Atlanta youth. Converse Open Gym, founded in 2007, provides an opportunity for kids to play basketball in a free, safe and unrestricted environment in major metropolitan markets including Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Boston.  Over 50,000 kids have been touched by this program

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is joined center court by Basketball Hall of Fame player Julius “Dr J” Erving for the ceremonial tip off at the new Converse Basketball Court at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

“Converse is thrilled to celebrate basketball and the donation of these courts with Piedmont Park Conservancy, as they continue to implement their Master Plan to enhance the park for future generations,” said Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer of Converse.  “We have enjoyed working with the City of Atlanta over the past few years to help inspire children through the game of basketball, and are happy that basketball is now a part of this

Former legends in the rap game are falling from grace with each passing day. This week Lil Kim chose to put the final nail in her career coffin by claiming victory — and history– with an alleged record breaking download of her new mixtape “Black Friday.” Though I averaged a C- in my post secondary endeavors, my math is still good enough to know that making one-million dollars off a product that is available online for free is about as likely as Waka Flocka Flame heading to Harvard University.

However as embarrassing a blemish her act caused to her reputation, its nothing compared to the trainwreck that is dingbat — and apparently bipolar– Foxy Brown. Are you ready to be disgusted?

I can’t even comment. I try to focus my attention on people who are focusing on building their names through music, and not high octane-antics

In yet another example that basketball is as gay as Christmas, check out NBA All Star Blake Griffin (#32) and John Wall bumping and grinding at the NBA All Stars Rookie Challenge.

Personally I have no problem with some same gender loving, but lets stop pretending that all the “butt patting and heavy rubbing.” is apart of the game. Because it isnt. But hey ain’t nothing with a little bump & grind. Especially if lands you jumps shots like the one below.

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Remember that Lebron James scandal that alleged his former teammate Delonte West got it in with his own mother? Remember how everyone circled the wagons and DENIAL was the word of the day? Well watch as Cleveland Cavaliers Wally Szczerbiak talks about the Lebron/Delonte scandal on the Boomer & Carton show on WFAN.

If you read between the lines you can decide for yourself what really happened.

Check it out above. Ummmmm Hummmmmmm. Thats why I never believe public figures. They will look you right in the face and lie without blinking. Allegedly. I wasn’t there.


Pertandingan antara Barcelona vs Real Madrid menujukkan kepada warga dunia tentang permainan sepak bola papan atas, yang mana keduanya adalah club sepakbola unggulan dari Italia. Hasil pertandingan yang sangat menegangkan di Final Copa del Rey 2014 antara Barcelona dengan Real Madrid berakhir dengan score 1-2. Perolehan angka dapat di lihat di Livescore. Goal pertama di buka oleh Real Madrid berkat tendangan gelandang sayap Angel di Maria pada menit ke 10. Tidak mau kalah dengan lawannya, Barcelona mencoba mengejar ketertinggalan dengan mencetak goal pada menit ke 68 oleh Marc Bartra. Final score ditutup dengan satu angka lagi yang diperoleh Madrid melalui tendangan sukses dari Gareth Bale. Setelah kekalahannya melawan Barca dan Sevilla, Madrid kini menunjukkan kehebatannya dengan mencetak 16 goal dalam lima pertandingan terakhir.


Seperti yang ada di jadwal Livescore, Pertandingan yang berlangsung pada 17 April 2014 pukul 02.30 di Stadion Mestalla ini adalah ajang yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh pecinta bola dunia. Pertandingan antara Barcelona dengan Madrid merupakan ajang El Clasico jilid III di musim ini. Awalnya banyak prediksi yang mengatakan bahwa duel kali ini akan dimenangkan oleh Barcelona seiring tidak adanya Christiano Ronaldo pada pertandingan tersebut. Jika dilihat potensi kemenangannya, kedua tim ini sudah bertemu sebanyak 32 kali. Selama pertemuan tersebut Barcelona 14 kali menang sementara Real Madrid 11 kali menang. Dari performa tim, Barcelona berada pada posisi 3 klasemen sementara, dan Real Madrid masih lebih unggul di posisi ke 2. Usainya pertandingan yang dimenangkan oleh Real Madirid ini membuat tim tersebut yakin bahwa piala Copa del Rey akan jatuh ke tangan mereka, di samping itu kesempatan Madrid untuk memenangkan La Liga dan Liga Champion pun masih terbuka.


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Well how about that. Almost two years after Chris Brown took his hands to Rihanna’s face — an action reciprocated by the international Pop star– Chris is now allowed to be close to her without risk of going to jail.

Moments ago a restraining order was just lifted by a judge reducing the original order to a ‘level one’ order of protection. Chris and Rihanna can have contact as long as he does not harass, annoy, or molest her.

While Rihanna was not present for the court hearing, her attorney Donald Etra was sending her blessing.

Truth be told I’m just glad both of them are able to put this ugly incident behind them once and for all. Man that had to have been a nightmare for ole CB. Maybe next rack up them Grammy awards next year — or at the very least be present.

As we all watch another chapter of “What Chilli Wants” top rated reality show on VH1 come to close, its now officially time to PARTY!

I just got the scoop that TLC’s/”What Chilli Wants” Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas will be at Club Mansion TOMORROW (Friday, February 25TH) for the official “What Chilli Wants” Finale party.

Fellas you already know the ladies are gonna be front and center to champion on their female superhero in the world of dating and relationships.

I hear everyone is free before 12AM and is open bar until 11PM. If you don’t know about Mansion then take tomorrow to become familiar because its one of the BEST club spaces in the south east region.

Don’t say I didn’t put you on to the hottest & flyest event on Friday night. It’s gonna be EPIC.

Atlanta’s got another budding super duo on its hands. And there known to us all as Myxx. Their govt names is Elizabeth and Evonne’s, and together they forge an unstoppable duo destined for greatness.

If you look closely you’d see that Myxx has taken the lanes of both Ciara and Teyanna Taylor’s, plus their budding talents, and created a super-sound that is music gold. With co-signs from the likes of Ne-Yo, Jazzy Pha, Sean Kingston, Music, and many many more, these girls are clearly on their way right up the pop charts.

Their new smash single “U Aint Ready” with Rock City is incredible. Ciara might need to bust out her notepad and take some notes cause these girls are KILLING her with their looks and tom boy dance moves .

Watch the video above and show em some love.

Damn its been three years already? So So Def recording artist Da Brat has finally been released from state jail over that pesky Halloween bash that ended with an assault to an unsuspecting young lady.

According to that damn Jermaine Dupri, Brat is finally home and is ready for work. Brat, wo’s real name is Shawntae Harris, was released from an Atlo, GA jail.

No word on what her next move will be. Perhaps Team Gyant can get an interview so we can catch all up on the matter.